thursday throwback

every so often we participate in ‘throw back thursday’ here at the chemistry of living. and with the help of my ongoing laziness– uploading pictures late is ideal because they can suddenly be turned into ‘#tbt’. amen.

we’re going to rewind back to february of this year. 6 of us boarded a plane and jet setted down to puerto rico (which i may add– we will do again and again and again). we had no expectations, no plans and certainly no idea where in the hay we were going once we landed. but alas, our little gang figured things out– even if it meant standing in the rain for an hour with our suit cases trying to find a taxi in a not so wonderful part of town. long story short: we soon found out there arein fact no taxis in aquadilla and soon enough a local woman picked us up and brought us to her ‘friend’. lesson learned: there are still many good people left in this world and always use the buddy system.

this trip brought me two very close gal pals– both of whom i love oh so dearly. meg + dave have recently left our small little island and planted a new (tree) seed in connecticut. we wish you all the best of luck down there– and we will be drinking mimosas together before you know it.

to say puerto rico was the trip of a life time would be putting it lightly: 





10303474_10202295171329176_8520722629366257456_n^^^cheers to the six of us (and pepi)^^^

happy (throw back) thursday, friends!

xoxo micaela


things we love


among many, many other things– this little gang loves these ‘wake up every day and just expect sunshine‘ mornings. clementine has been basking in the sun as of late, too! these days are just too lovely to have our little girl sitting at home while we work– thus, the gnarly dog. (our savior). clementine ventures to work with ian (she absolutely LOVES it)– and right before he heads into the lab, clem gets dropped off for a fun filled day with her pals.

our pick ups always make me laugh because she is exhausted– downright beat. as in ‘i can’t get out of the car because my legs feel like jell-o, mama’… which makes for 2 happy puppy parents. (side note: can we still call her a puppy?! stop growing clem!)

i think sometimes we love the gnarly dog more than clem. a sleeping dog while you’re trying to cook/eat dinner and just want to chat is a wonderful thing. so thank you, thank you gnarly dog… and the pictures that come along with it!

you can follow their instagram account —> here 

or their facebook page —> here


happy wednesday!


the early morning season

spring is when this duo is up and at ’em by 7:30am. enjoying hot coffee before the sun has fully risen is my favorite thing– especially when clementine & ian are by my side. this weekend we did a lot of that. ian has been working so hard lately so when we have a few hours together in the mornings– we treasure every single second. saturday morning we walked the cliff walk (something i haven’t done in years!) it was just us three- hopping from rock to rock, watching the waves and sharing a few sweet kisses under that beautiful sun.



 everywhere you look: spring has touched in. our tree is officially in full bloom and my cheeks are a tad rosey. amen, spring– we’ve been dying to meet you again.



^^^can you guess this coffee spot in town?^^^


and as always– we ended our sunday evening sleepy. sunday is always ‘family day’ which means we hike up to westport to enjoy the day with my grandparents– their back deck is ideal for the outdoor season and i cherish every moment we spend together.

but now– it’s monday and we’re getting excited for the 3 day weekend to ensue. bridal showers, graduation parties + one big goodbye to 2 of our dearest friends.

side note: our computer needs a big ole upgrade so hang tight– pictures from my camera will be posted sometime soon! right ian?


our first sight of sun + celebrations

yesterday we raised our (pina colada) glasses to our mom(s). the whole massa family gathered at gram + gramps house for a summer bbq– the grill was going + the ladies were sipping on drinks made in the blender + the guys were at the driving range. oh, and can we talk about my ‘barely there’ sunburn?! summer is upon us, friends– soak it in!

we ended the night at 5th element with ian’s family. there’s nothing like wearing a light sweater, a pair of jack rogers and chatting the evening away. i think it’s safe to say that i consider them family– and that makes me feel pretty darn nice.

also- hadley lost her first tooth! and the tooth fairy gave her $5.00– pretty sure the tooth fairy got a serious raise since 1995 or she won the lottery.


^^^we love our mama^^^


^^^i can’t stop laughing at this^^^

many more pictures to come (once i get the energy to plug that dang thing in)

now: grocery shopping, sparking up our grill and a potential  ride to the car wash.

happy monday!

rainy days = crock pot

this rain is getting a little dramatic– but, there are times when i definitely enjoy it. let’s just say i take FULL advantage of this rain when it comes to sleeping (in) and daily house hold activities. rain just makes everything slower, sleepier and a lot less exciting. that being said– we opted to take out the crock pot yesterday morning and cook up some lazy girl pulled bbq chicken.

coming home from work (when it’s pouring cats + dogs) and having dinner practically made is one of life’s simple treasures. the moment you walk into the mud room– you can just smell it. wonderful.

we added 2 chicken breasts, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of pinto beans and 1 can of crushed tomatoes. our spices included: garlic powder, red pepper flakes, touch of cumin and a dash of chili powder. then we topped it off with some sweet baby rays bbq sauce (also, secret ingredient: A-1 sauce) and switched that dial to low. 8 hours later—> ian gets home from work and pulls the chicken into shredded bits. it tastes like heaven, i swear!

you can do so much with it too– add it to rice, put it on top of a salad or much like we did —> tacos!

my ‘go to’ taco fix is definitely the lettuce wrap. super cheap, easy to eat and overall, pretty dang healthy.


i think the weather man is calling for a few more rainy days– so trust me when i say, bust out those crock pots and put ’em to use.

(and your lunch box won’t hate it either)

what’s your favorite crock pot recipe?



last night we double dated with meg + dave on broadway (tavern tuesday date night is such a steal— 2 apps + 2 entrees + 1 dessert + 1 bottle of wine = 28$). say what?! yep. and the best part of it is– it’s sticking around all summer! but, unfortunately the price is going up to 38$. but still– it’s a great deal and we dig it.

before dinner– ian, clem and i were sitting on the couch filling each other in about our days (it think it’s safe to say clementine’s day won– food & naps).

the candles were on– the lights were low– and the faintest noise of rain was hitting the windows. and it’s times like these that my little darn heart just smiles (if that’s possible) because during these moments i consider myself the luckiest. i just adore these two so much:


and just as i was secretly getting out my camera– clementine rested her head on ians shoulder and let out the loudest most adorable ‘sigh’ and once again… my heart melted.

i love you more and more everyday.

things to look forward to: the crockpot– and the fact that it’s on low right now with the chicken, beans and tomatoes all getting to know each other. dinner is going to be dandy…. and that glass of wine with it.

oh la la– wednesday has been pleasant!

enjoy your day xx

the long & short of an early morning riser

every morning clementine has a ritual (she’s very much into pattern making). she wakes up, does her bull dog stretches and proceeds to romp around the bed. up one side, down the other. gives the mama kisses– gives the dada kisses (we’re weird, we know). and then after we turn our faces 100 different times to ignore her– she somehow ‘gets the point’. we’re not ready to budge because it’s 5:30am and the sun isn’t fully out. so, at this point– clementine gets her bone and for about 20 minutes she’s full on occupied.

next: she takes it upon herself to lay/sit/stand on one of our heads. (aww, how cute!) um, no. 65+ pounds on your chest/face at 6am is the furthest thing from cute. but as always, i giggle and push her down to the end of the bed. this is when she throws her flat face into the air and motions without saying a word ‘yo, ma! lift up the blankets!’. and so, i do.

she nuzzles her way (under the blankets) to the bottom of the bed. and for about another 1/2 hour– little clem will sleep ever so soundly. snores, twitches and toots galore. (the real life of a bull dog). and once she’s had enough… she’ll wake up in the funniest of fashions. it’s almost like a little kid wrapped in a blanket pretending to be a ghost. (except: this little kid snores, drools, and is ever so clumsy). this morning i was lucky enough to snap her daily wake up routine (note: the pictures aren’t that great– but they’ll make you laugh)


^^^help me out!^^^





she loves staring out the window– letting out little barks & turning her head to the sounds of the chirping birds. then, after a few moments she’ll realize that we are still asleep– and do her darnedest to wake us up.


we love you + your morning wake ups, clemmy girl!